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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Reception at Amdavad

In 1867 CE (Samvat 1923), when he was on his way to Vartal for the Hari Jayanti festival, Swami came to know about the illness of Acharya Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj. He was feeling restless and had sent a special invitation to Swami. The Acharya accorded a grand reception to Swami by sending Keshavprasadji Maharaj (his son) and a group of sadhus and devotees with an elephant and chariots to greet Swami. After darshan at the mandir, Swami met Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj. The Acharya experienced peace on Swami’s darshan. According to Swami’s wish he took some food. Acharya Maharaj insisted and requested Swami to stay and celebrate the festival of Hari Jayanti in Amdavad.
In the festival assembly, Swami talked clearly about Maharaj as Purushottam. Keshavprasadji Maharaj and other sadhus of the Amdavad region were delighted. Swami said kind words of advice to Keshavprasadji to give up his long hair, moustache, habit of seeing dramas and indulging in fun and frolic, in order to properly observe the duties of an Acharya. Keshavprasadji Maharaj received Swami’s advice positively and with joy.
The next day, accepting the heartfelt invitation of Acharya Maharaj, Swami and other sadhus of Junagadh went to his haveli for lunch. Acharya Maharaj placed a silver plate with a variety of foods before Swami. But Swami immediately asked for his wooden bowl. So his disciple, Balmukunddasji, brought it. Seeing this, Acharya Maharaj folded his hands and requested, “Swami, today, I pray that you please dine in this plate.”
Swami then replied, “Maharaj has instructed us to eat only in a wooden bowl.”
Acharya Maharaj further insisted and said, “Swami, for you gold and dust are equal. So I request you to dine in this plate.”
Swami smiled and replied, “That is true, but Maharaj has ordered that we can dine in the dust-like wooden bowl, but not in the dust-like silver plate.”
But then, to respect the wishes of Acharya Maharaj, Swami placed the wooden bowl in the silver plate and dined in his wooden bowl. He did not deviate even slightly from the commands of Maharaj. Thereafter, Acharya Maharaj served a variety of foods and urged Swami to eat them, but he did not do so.  Balmukund Swami had made rotlo and Swami ate that, along with mung dal.
After honouring the wishes of Acharya Maharaj and giving him peace of mind, Swami departed for Vartal. After celebrating the festival of Chaitra Punam at Vartal, Swami went to Amdavad with the Acharya Maharaj of Vartal and other sadhus. From here he proceeded to Junagadh.

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