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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Final Divine ‘Lila’

In this way Swami consolidated the work of spreading ekantik dharma commenced by Shriji Maharaj. He inspired everybody to believe that Maharaj is the supreme God. Moreover, he raised many sadhus and devotees to the ekantik state through the realization of his form as Aksharbrahma. Swami spent forty years at Junagadh mandir, and during this period he discoursed profusely. He had made many aspirants worthy of Akshardham by helping them to attain the ekantik state.
Now his purpose of taking birth on the earth along with Shriji Maharaj had been fully served. Thousands of devotees had recognized the true forms of Akshar and Purushottam. Having established the foundation for the spread of the worship of Akshar with Purushottam, Swami thought of returning to Akshardham.
On 27 September 1866 CE (Bhadarva vad 3, Samvat 1923), after his morning routine, Swami had the darshan of Thakorji, arrived in the assembly, distributed prasad of cucumber, met all the sadhus and devotees and then prepared to leave the mandir. He mounted his horse, looked at the gates and said, ‘‘Shriji Maharaj had put me in charge of this mandir. Since then, I have lived here and looked after it for forty years, four months and four days. Now I’ll travel in Satsang and will stay at Mahuva.’’ (Swami’s disciple, Pragji Bhakta, lived in Mahuva and thus Swami implied that through him he would remain manifest in the Satsang.) And with these words he rode away.
On his way to Vanthali, Swami said, “Whenever I pass this way I remember Maharaj.’’
Kashiram then commented, ‘‘One who has seen Maharaj is reminded of him.’’
On hearing this comment Swami said, ‘‘He is not away from you. He is manifest through this holy Sadhu. He gives darshan, talks and looks at you. He gives immense bliss; but as long as there is ignorance you cannot experience it.’’ In this way Swami talked in his characteristic manner, making everyone happy and encouraging all to be patient.
At Vanthali, Swami stayed at Kalyanbhai’s place. There, Devjibhai asked a question which he had been thinking about for a long time. He asked, ‘‘Swami, what is Akshar like?’’
Swami replied, ‘‘The one who is sitting here in your house is Akshar.’’
Swami graced the villages of Ganod, Upleta, Bhayavadar, etc. and went to Gondal on Aso sud 9, at the request of Madhavji Dave, the administrator of Gondal.
Swami celebrated the festival of Vijaya Dashmi at Gondal. At Navlakha Palace, the Maharaja accorded him a grand welcome. Abhaysinh Bapu of Ganod invited him to grace his palace. Thereafter, the Maharaja of Gondal made his prince, Bhagvatsinhji, bow down before Swami, and at his hands the Maharaja presented Swami with the document donating land to Radha-Raman Dev. Swami was very happy and blessed the prince by saying, ‘He is a prince given by God, so I had named him Bhagvatsinhji.’’
After that Swami preached for a while and then reached the mandir at about 9.00 pm. Madhavji Dave asked Swami to visit his place the next day. Swami then said, ‘‘Who has seen tomorrow!’’ And he sanctified his place that very night.
Then he returned to the mandir and sang the chesta. Thereafter, he sat in a swastik posture, resting his back on a pillar besides the throne of Thakorji. Then, at 12.45 am (11 October 1866) Gunatitanand Swami left his body independently for Akshardham.

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