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Wretched is a Miracle-Wisher

During his spiritual tour Vyapkanand Swami came to Botad. Here, Hamir Khachar's disheartened spirit brightened when Vyapkanand Swami revived his dead mare, by sprinkling water on it and uttering the Swaminarayan Mahamantra. Many praised him for this miracle but Vyapkanand Swami gave credit to Lord Swaminarayan. When he met the Lord, the latter told him sternly, "We have come here to dispel people's ignorance by imparting the knowledge of Atma and Paramatma, and not to perform miracles."
Shobharam Shastri once said, "Oh Swaminarayan! If you show miracles to important and wealthy people then this Fellowship will grow in leaps and bounds." Lord Swaminarayan replied, "I have no desires for the gifts offered to Me by those who crave for miracles. Before the bliss of God the happiness of the fourteen worlds is insignificant."
Muktanand Swami sang, "Wretched is he who craves for miracles." Lord Swaminarayan's real miracle was leading the masses onto the path of spiritual regeneration.


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