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Fostered Profound Scholars

Those were the days when pundits used to vociferously dissect religious theories at public forums. Taking a cue from this, Lord Swaminarayan enjoined His sadhus to study the scriptures. The results were reassuring. Muktanand Swami won a debate in Baroda and so did Nityanand Swami in Amdavad and Junagadh. The profound spiritual knowledge of the sadhus in Vedant and Nyaya was remarkable. It was Gopalanand Swami who wrote treatises on the Gita, Shrimad Bhagwat and Upanishads on the basis of Lord Swaminarayan's philosophy of Qualified Non-Dualism or neo-Vishishthadvaita. Nityanand Swami and Muktanand Swami penned the Shri Hari Digvijay and Brahmasutra Bhashya respectively. For the masses, Lord Swaminarayan asked the sadhus to write in vernacular.
To crown it all, the Vachanamrut, a collection of Lord Swaminarayan's discourses, gives clear and concise spiritual guidance and the Shikshapatri lays down a moral code of conduct.


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