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National Kishore-Kishori Easter Convention
3 April 1999
Venue: University of Nottingham Conference Centre
Session 2 - Divinity Part 1 - 9.30am - 12.30pm
In this session there were two auditorium sessions: Lord Swaminarayan's Human and Divine Incidents and Lord Swaminarayan's Paramhansas. There were also a further two classroom sessions
Sports: 1.30-4.30pm
Separate arrangements for the kishores and kishoris were made, in which they enjoyed playing a variety of team and individual sports.

Session 3 - Divinity Part II - 4.30-7.00pm
In this session there were two more auditorium sessions: Lord Swaminarayan's Bhaktos and Lord Swaminarayan's Moods and Likings.
Also, the last two classroom sessions were held, thus completing the rotation.
Finally, prizes were awarded to the top rankers in the written quiz held on the previous night.

Janmotsav: 8.30-10.30pm
Lord Swaminarayan was born at 10.10pm on 3 April 1781 CE. Thus, in this evening session the 218th birthday (Janmotsav) of Lord Swaminarayan was celebrated. The three characteristics of a true Satsangi, as described by Shreeji Maharaj in Vachanamrut Gad. II-61 - Niyam, Nischay and Paksh - were presented through short sketches.
The evening concluded with a devotionally- charged celebration of Lord Swaminarayan's birth.

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