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Feedback from Delegates

It really motivated me to keep going and made me more determined to achieve my goal professionally.
– MP (23), Leeds

Time just flew by. Each performance and each presentation was different and relevant to all. The hard work put in definitely shined through in every aspect. It was a flawless two day event.
– JP (29), Loughborough

It was an exceptionally good programme. Can't describe it in words, but your planning and arrangement on such a big scale was fantastic. We all really enjoyed the programme and the choreography was excellent.
– AC, Coventry

I truly feel inspired by these women’s (from the past and the present) passion, resilience and determination. I feel that the whole IWD event has helped me discover my inner strength and that will help me stay strong in hard times by remaining morally sound.
– DY (17), Leeds

Saturday’s programme was fantastic! I didn’t want to blink, in case I missed something. Sunday’s event was just as good, and was very inspiring.

– AN (59), Loughborough

I feel humbled by the level of creativity, initiative and tireless effort that was put into these two perfect days. Whether a member of the audience or part of the team, it seems all women of the BAPS forum have been fuelled with a new level of inspiration.
– NP (22), Hitchin

[The] variety of sessions all with one clear message to women of all ages “you can do it” was very empowering and inspiring.
– AS (12), Leeds

It was great to see my children build and bond with their fellow balikas. It is these important friendships that will last them a long time.
– RP (36), London

What a lovely weekend! It was so good to celebrate this weekend with everyone. I really was amazed with all the performances of Saturday and the speeches of Sunday. There are some really inspirational women out there.
– BM (40), Leeds

The guidance that was given to us was very useful and I feel that I can speak for all women when I say we definitely learnt something new throughout the two days. The motivational speakers who inspired women to reach their goals in life and to only achieve the best in their life, am sure made a huge impact on everyone. There was something valuable to take away for everyone. The benefit of listening to the experiences of these women was that we don’t have an excuse to say ‘we can't do it’ or ‘it’s too hard’ because it’s proven that women are successful and can do anything they put their mind to.
– NT (19), Loughborough

If you would like to share your feedback of the conference, please feel free to email it to Thank you.