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Feedback from Delegates on the Seminars

I went to the Education and Careers Seminar. This was absolutely amazing! To understand how someone got to where they are and the dreams and determination they had was truly inspiring! The audience asked really good questions, some of which were in my mind. It made you think about balance and prioritising work and home.
– BP (26), London

As a student I found the careers and education seminar particularly useful. I really appreciated the advice and tips that were given as they tackled many of the challenges we as women face in getting to the top of the ladder. Overall, I found the seminar interesting and motivating.
– DP (17), East London

The Education and career seminar was fantastic as it was full of helpful information, and provided an insight as to how important getting an education is today. The seminar was motivational, and encouraged many people to persevere.
– BP (19), Harrow

It touched me that the speaker told us the story of her life and in that when she had to make a choice between family and her career, she choose her family and was happy, so success doesn't mean to be powerful or make money but to find happiness within yourself that is success.

Also, one masi [senior lady] in the audience got up to ask a question, told her story and she said that once her children had grown up and gone to university then there was nothing for her to do. Rather than sitting in front of a TV, she decided to join a graduate course showing there is no age limit for education. This also touched me.

– KS (27), Milton Keynes

The education and careers seminar gave us insightful information, as not only were we provided with practical tips, but we were shown that despite hardships you can still follow the career of your dreams if you have strong motivation and drive.
– KG (18), East London

I attended the family bonds and education seminars. I found the Education seminar particularly motivating and informative. She encouraged the younger generation to have a dream and to pursue whatever they wanted to. She also reassured those who did not have dream saying that this was ok. The most important message that I took away from this session was that everyone has a right to education and we should make use of this right, it is important to follow your dream whatever it may be, there may be ups and downs but stick at it. Overall, it was a very motivational and inspiring session and one which all students and parents should have attended.
– NP (21), South London

This is the first time that I have attended such an event. However I enjoyed it and felt that I achieved something from it. I think that the presenter spoke very well on how to achieve in any career and balance family life with it. It was not just about getting a high position but about what is right for you and where your priorities lie.
– NA (46), London

I thought it was a brilliant seminar, covering all aspects of finance which women of today’s generation need to consider. From insurances, banking to will writing – all areas were thoroughly evaluated and excellent advise was given on how we as women need to ensure we are also financially sound and covered in how we invest our money. Fantastic.
– EA (23), South London

The presentation was very good and in very understandable simple language. We learnt the importance of making a Will. The general approach and the way she spoke was simple and understandable.
– DP (45), London

The financial one provided a good balance with serious content but with an essence of humour.

– DP (42), Northamptonshire

The family bonding seminar was useful, as it made you introspect and question yourself: ‘What am I doing to keep the family united and together?’ The useful tips were also a plus point.
– KG (18), East London

If you would like to share your feedback of the conference, please feel free to email it to Thank you.