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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


True Disciple:

Yagnapurushdasji had great devotion for his guru Bhagatji Maharaj. He had now one desire: Pragji Bhakta, who had been turned out of the temple of Junagadh without any fault of his after being branded as vimukh (non-conformist), should be accorded a most cordial reception in the same temple. He thought that he could be considered a true disciple of his guru, only if he was able to bring him back to this temple with great fanfare and honour. He, therefore, requested Acharya Maharaj to send for Pragji Bhakta on the festival of the Janmashtami congregation. Acharya Maharaj acceded to his request and wrote a letter directing Pragji Bhakta to come to Junagadh. As soon as this letter was despatched, Yagnapurushdasji gave this news to all the haribhaktas devoted to Bhagatji Maharaj.
Jeebhai Kothari of Junadh had been already told of the great eminence of Pragji Bhakta by Yagnapurushdasji. He, therefore, made arrangements by which Pragji Bhakta would be honoured along with Acharya Maharaj, and Pragji Bhakta would be provided with the same facilities as would be extended to Acharya Maharaj. The person behind these arrangements was no doubt Yagnapurushdasji himself.
It was in Samvat year 1921 that Bhagatji Maharaj had to leave the temple at the behest of Acharya Maharaj. And now, at the behest of Acharya Maharaj himself he was to return. A decorated coach driven by two horses was brought for Acharya Maharaj. A similar coach was brought for Bhagatji Maharaj also. Besides a bedstead, silk mattresses, etc., were also provided for Bhagatji Maharaj. He, too, was given a rousing reception along with Acharya Maharaj.
Many devotees from Gujarat had come to Junagadh during the presence of Bhagatji Maharaj. Bhagatji Maharaj gave at this congregation, discourses surcharged with Gunatit-jnana (supreme knowledge instilled by Gunatitanand Swami). Many discourses were given at the seat of Jaga Bhakta also. Bhagatji Maharaj rendered experience of divine bliss to all the devotees by his discourses.

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