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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


Eminent Orator:

The recitation of Satsangijivan was sponsored by Harilal Sheth, the grandson of Shivlal Sheth. Four puranis (reciters) were appointed to give the discourses in turn. Yagnapurushdasji's turn was last. All the devotees were immensely pleased to witness the unique style of his discourse, his subtle knowledge of Vachanamritam and the methodology adopted by him in expounding the subject with the authority of other scriptures and support of appropriate illustrations.
The next day when someone went to call for the Sheth to attend the discourse, the latter replied: "Please inform me when it is Yagnapurushdasji's turn to recite the katha." The sadhus got envious on hearing this reply. On the last day a question arose as to which of the reciters should be honoured first. The Sheth directed in clear words : "He should be honoured first whose recitation has been the most satisfactory. Everyone in the assembly has been pleased with Shastri Yagnapurushdasji's recitations. Hence he should be honoured first." This augmented the indignation of the sadhus.
With the evil intention of slighting Yagnapurushdasji, sadhu Raghuvircharandas said : "Today one who has stooped so low as to accept a tailor and a cobbler as his gurus is being honoured in this assembly as a very respectable person!'' Hearing this, Yagnapurushdasji roared like a lion: "The right to be a guru does not vest solely in those who wear the saffron. If you are going to discriminate against Pragji Bhakta and Jaga Bhakta, who have been graced by Gunatitanand Swami and who have attained the Brahmic consciousness, merely on the ground of caste, Maharaj will not excuse you." With these words he sat down.
The elderly sadhus rebuked Raghuvircharandas. Harilal . Sheth went forward for the pujan (honouring) of Yagnapurushdasji, but the latter courteously declined, and allowed the aged sadhu Haridas to be honoured first and himself to be honoured last.
Yagnapurushdasji returned from Junagadh to Rajkot and resumed his studies. First he studied the Bhashya (commentary) of Shankara on the Brahmasutras. Then he requested Jeevanram Shastri to explain to him the commentary of Ramanuja on the same sutras. Jeevanram Shastri admitted : "I myself have not studied Ramanuja's commentary." Whereupon Yagnapurushdasji suggested to him: "You explain to me the meanings of the words and I shall be able to grasp the commentary and its purport." Accordingly Yagnapurushdasji expounded the commentary and Jeevanram listened to it.
Gradually Jeevanram was induced to take interest in Ramanuja's commentary. His views coloured by the philosophy of Shankara changed and he became an adherent of Ramanuja's philosophy. Thereafter he read the commentary written by Gopalanand Swami on Gita. Now Jeevanram became a thorough partisan of the Vishishtadvaita philosophy. Yagnapurushdasji took him to Jaga Bhakta who offered him vartaman (initiation) and admitted him into satsang. He stepped down from the seat of a guru to that of a disciple

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