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Victory Toll of Akshar-Purushottam in Vadtal:

Shashtri YagnapurushdasThe congregation of the full-moon day of Chaitra was fast approaching. Swamishri was not in a position to go to Vadtal for this congregation due to his illness and everyone felt that because of the mischievous sadhus something unusual might happen in Vadtal. But Swamishri had already prophesied: "A meeting has been convened in Vadtal against us, but all of them will quarrel among themselves and nobody will be able to harm us." From Chansad Kalidasbhai and other devotees left for Vadtal with the permission of Swamishri.
After they left, Swamishri called Galbhai and asked him : "Do you have the courage to pronounce the victory call of Akshar-Purushottam at the meeting in Vadtal?" Who would have the courage to stand against such a stubborn opposition? But Galbhai was of a different mettle He replied : "I have the courage, if you so desire and direct me." Swamishri said: "Alright then hail the victory slogan in the congregation on the full-moon day." Excited with the prospect of hailing the victory slogan, Galbhai immediately left for Vadtal.
As soon as Acharya Maharaj arrived in the congregation of the full-moon day, Galbhai hailed the slogan of victory to Sahajanand Swami, which was responded to by all. Then he hailed the slogan of victory to Akshar-Purushottam, which was also responded to by all, but immediately, thereafter, they realised that a mistake was committed. But what could be done then? All were angry with Galbhai. But due to his gruff voice, large eyes and gigantic frame, no one could utter a word, though mentally they were cursing him.
As they were all burning with rage, the meeting dispersed without any discourse. Once again on every asana (seat) the same discussion began among the sadhus: "How can the disciples of the Shastri dare do such a thing? The Shastri should surely be driven out of Vadtal; otherwise, he will disorganise the satsang."
Although outwitted in the morning, some of them convened a meeting in the afternoon. Bhimjibhai raised a question at this meeting : "How is it that no one takes Shastri Yagnapurushdas to task, although he has despatched from Sarangpur thousands of rupees to Vadhvan in a big box and lent support to the construction of the temple there?"
As soon as Kalidas heard this, he got up and retorted : "Aren't you ashamed of hurling such a mean accusation against a sadhu who has increased your annual income from two or three thousand rupees to twenty two thousand rupees, who has radically transformed the beauty of the Sarangpur temple and who has built the bungalow, the guest house and the silver gates? You are censuring a saint who is endowed with all the saintly virtues. Kothari Gordhanbhai also knows that the Shastri is entirely above fault and yet he does not say anything but merely listens to such accusations quietly."
Hearing this, the Kothari immediately said: "This is a mischief of the sadhus and Bhimji. The Shastri is above board." With these words the Kothari left the place. Thereafter, the sadhus accused one another and quarrelled among themselves. Swamishri's words proved true and there did not arise any trouble at all.

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