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Shastriji Maharaj


The Whirlwind of Opposition:

Swamishri arranged the next discourse on Vachanamritam in Vadtal itself. Devotees from all over Gujarat assembled there. Many sadhus of Vadtal and Kothari Gordhanbhai also used to attend the meetings and listen to Swamishri's talks. One day Kothari Khushal Bhagat asked Gordhanbhai: "Why do you, too, mingle with this bandia (rebel)1, Shastri Yagnapurushdasji?" None approved of Kothari Gordhanbhai's soft corner for Swamishri. But Gordhanbhai readily replied : "I have so far not seen a single sadhu among the two thousand sadhus of Vadtal who has renounced wealth and women in all forms like Shastri Yagnapurushdasji. His talks are to me as sweet as sugar-candy. Therefore, I come here to listen to him." Hearing this, Khushal Bhagat just walked away.
Swamishri had fixed his seat near that of Gordhanbhai Kothari. Again Swamishri was surrounded by reputed disciples. Hence nobody could do any harm to him. Again the devotees attached to Swamishri offered rasoi (payment for the expenses of the food) and otherwise rendered financial services in the temple. None could tell anything to them either. This irritated the sadhus all the more.
Acharya Laxmiprasad was young and rajoguni (sensual). At the instance of Gordhanbhai Kothari, Swamishri had given him a sermon for good conduct which he had disliked. For this reason he, too, was prejudiced against Swamishri. Hence, he did not interfere with the misbehaviour of the sadhus towards Swamishri.
The sadhus were busy exploring ways and means to disrupt Swamishri's discourses. Some of them would throw chilly powder in a fire near the meeting of devotees and the resultant smoke forced them to leave the place. When they sat at another place, the sadhus would empty pitchers full of water on the floor and disrupt the meeting. But such pranks neither deterred Swamishri nor his devotees.

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