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Unpropitious Place and Time:

How could Swamishri be allowed to stay in Vadtal where there was such vehement opposition to him, where some people did not like him to stay and where, his very sight inflamed others with indignation? All the devotees, therefore, met and decided that they should leave Vadtal along with Swamishri if trouble arose. They thought it was not advisable for Swamishri to stay in Vadtal anymore. They apprehended that in all probability the sadhus would perpetrate harm to Swamishri out of spite.
Hence all the disciples devoted to Swamishri gathered in Vadtal on the occasion of the congregation on the full-moon day of Kartik. They did not leave Swamishri alone even for a single moment. The plotters did not find it convenient to put through their plan and their wrath mounted.
The devotees requested Swamishri, "Please do not go to the bhandar (kitchen) to take your food." But Swamishri emphatically replied: "A sadhu must always take his food at the common kitchen. He cannot eat separately at his seat." He flatly rejected the request of the devotees, and went to the common kitchen to eat khichdi (hotchpotch) in parana (time of breaking the fast of ekadashi) on the twelfth day. The devotees waited anxiously outside.
Khichdi was served in Swamishri pattar (wooden bowl). It emitted a strange smell of deadly poison Swamishri understood this at once, but how could he disregard prasadi (consecrated food)? So, he ate a little and stood up. But he stumbled as he was going out. Two of the devotees held him by his hand and took him to his seat. His throat was burning. The devotees gave him some ghee to drink. Swamishri, however, said : "Don't worry. Nothing untoward shall happen to me."
"Yagnapurushdas has again escaped unhurt. He has even digested the poison administered to him. Now, we shall have to devise another plan from which he cannot survive." The evil-minded sadhus thus hatched a new plan. They decided that if Shastri Yagnapurushdas would again go to the kitchen to take his food, they would push and throw him into the fire so that he would be reduced to ashes and that would be the end of the 'evil element'. Just as the Kauravas plotted to burn the Pandavas in the lakshagraha (house of wax), but Lord Krishna protected the Pandavas, in the same way this plot was also unsuccessful.
Swamishri went to the common kitchen for food. Behind him were about fifteen resolute devotees. Since nothing could be done in their presence, the sadhus asked them to quit. But the disciples replied: "We will not budge an inch from here until Shastri Yagnapurushdasji returns after his meals." The sadhus then began to push the devotees away.
Taking advantage of the ensuing scuffle, about five of the devotees standing in the rear entered the kitchen, lifted Swamishri in their arms and rushed out of the place. No one noticed Swamishri's absence and the scuffle continued for some time. It was only too late when the sadhus realised that Yagnapurushdas had left the place and they were unnecessarily engaged in the struggle.

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