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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


Making a Gem of a Trinket:

Mukhi Heerabhai of Bochasan was a descendant of Kashidas Mota. He was a terror not only in Bochasan, but in the whole of the Charotar area. He never hesitated from committing theft, dacoity, murder or any other sin. If anyone complained against him or gave any evidence adverse to him, he was sure to be ruined. He would be exterminated sooner or later. The people of the entire Charotar area trembled at his name. Even the police did not venture to touch him.
Heerabhai once offered rasoi (dinner) in the temple. Swamishri accepted it, and though he directed all the other saints to avail of it, he himself refused to eat. When Heerabhai went to Swamishri to persuade him, Swamishri put to him a condition, "I shall not eat unless you take vartaman (vow of good conduct) and become a satsangi." No sooner did Heerabhai look at Swamishri's eyes a great change came over him. He decided to give up the his sinful and wicked course of conduct and become a satsangi. Soon he took the vartaman from Swamishri.
People all over Gujarat were amazed by this feat of Swamishri. They felt that Swamishri, who could make a man like Heerabhai a satsangi (devotee), must indeed be a great soul. When Gordbanbhai Kothari heard the news, he said : "If Bhagvatprasadji were alive at present, he would have placed Shastri Yagnapurushdas, who has made Heerabhai a satsangi, in an eminent position in the satsang, bestowed great honour on him and given him two pairs of the foot-prints of Shriji Maharaj. But those in power today are keen on ousting him.'' Heerabhai too, on hearing this realised the eminence of Swamishri.

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