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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


The Splendour of Sarangpur:

Within a short period Swamishri constructed a temple in Bochasan. Bheemjibhai of Gadhada, who was already nurturing ill-feelings towards Swamishri, wrote a deriding letter to Kothari Gordhanbhai of Vadtal, "Yagnapurushdas has built a temple in Gujarat before the eyes of a softy Baniya like you; subsisting on mere rice and curry but let him try to build one on this side of Sabarmati in Kathiawad and see what an uphill task it is." Did he ever know that it was Shriji Maharaj Himself who being manifest in Swamishri was building the temple? Swamishri was building temples not in competition, but to fulfil the promises made by Shriji Maharaj.
Swamishri visited Sarangpur at the insistent requests made by the devotees of that place. They had abundant affection for him. Once Swamishri was going to take his bath in the big cistern consecrated by Shriji Maharaj. On the way he stopped at the place where the present temple is located, and told Motibhai who had accompanied him: "Motibhai! Shriji Maharaj had determined to build a temple at this place and had promised the devotees accordingly. Therefore, a temple will surely be built here." With this prediction he proceeded for his bath.
Returning after his bath, he asked Motibhai, "We want to build a temple in Sarangpur. So compose a kirtan (devotional song) for it." Motibhai thought to himself: "The temple of Bochasan is yet incomplete, there is no money in the kothar (office of the temple), and still Swamishri has such mad aspirations!" He was mentally confused. Swamishri looked at him and Motibhai saw a most amazing thing. He saw a majestic temple with three shikharas (pinnacles) complete with the golden kalashas (pitchers) thereon and with images of Dham (Gunatitanand Swami), Dhami (Shriji Maharaj) and Mukta (Gopalanand Swami) installed on the throne. Motibhai was astounded to see a temple as beautiful and majestic as the one which stands there today, and couplets of a kirtan began to flow from his mouth:
"I beheld the splendour of Sarangpur divine.
God's celestial abode, truly wondrous and fine!"1
Doubts were dispelled from his mind. He realised that this Swami was capable of raising many such temples.

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