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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


"I am Meant for Gunatit":

Many hurdles were placed in the way of the construction of the Sarangpur temple, but the work proceeded uninterrupted. Those who were decrying: "It will only be a Thakordwar (small shrine)," and "These people will be fed up soon and will run away," were bewildered at seeing the progress of the construction of the temple. The day fixed for the installation of the idols was drawing near. The opponents now began to think of ways to prevent it. If by hook or crook the Thakor sahib of Limbdi could be won over, they thought the work of installation could be stopped through his intervention. The sadhus of the old temple therefore, approached the Thakorsaheb and said to him: "Thakorsaheb, our Ishtadev (choicest deity) is Radhakrishna. But this Shastri is going to leave Him aside and install the idols of his gurus Jaga and Praga instead. The temple can be said to have been properly made only if the idols of Radhakrishna are installed in the central shrine."
The Thakorsaheb was convinced. He went to the new temple to have the darshan of Swamishri. Swamishri welcomed him. The Thakorsaheb then asked, "Swamiji, there a miraculous stick of Gopalanand Swami is in the old temple which can frighten ghosts away. Do you have any such miraculous thing?"
On hearing this, Himatlalbhai, the Mayor of Botad, said : "Your Highness, this Swami is capable of creating a new stick! The brilliance of his grandeur pervades the Satsang (fellowship) all around. The Thakorsaheb had to agree: "I too, have experienced his grandeur."
The Thakorsab then inquired where the idols of Radhakrishna were to be installed and even insisted that they should be installed in the main wing of the temple. But without being overshadowed by this powerful Thakorsaheb, who had been instrumental in procuring the land for the temple at Sarangpur and who had been helpful in various ways on various occasions, Swamishri unhesitatingly replied: "It is only for our Ishtadev (choicest deity), Mahaprabhu (Supreme Godhead) Sahajanand Swami and Gunatitanand Swami that we have suffered all these hardships. And our lives are dedicated for them. Hence, the idols of Shriji Maharaj and Gunatitanand Swami alone shall be installed in the main wing and the idols of Radhakrishna shall be installed in the first shrine of the temple."
Having heard this bold, authoritative and unambiguous reply, the Thakorsaheb dropped his insistence and told Swamishri: "Do as you please and forget my words." Swamishri was glad to hear this. Even this dice thrown by the opponents did not succeed.

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