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Shastriji Maharaj


Pre-Eminence of Swamishri:

Swamishri then went to Nadiad. A devotee, Dolatrambhai of Nadiad, invited Swamishri to his place for dinner. Dolatrambhai knew Swamishri since the time when the latter was at Vadtal, and held him in high esteem. He was an erudite scholar of Sanskrit and Gujarati. He was also a member of the Vadtal Temple Committee.
He was aware that Swamishri had left Vadtal with the object of expounding the upasana of Akshar-Purushottam, but he did not know what Akshar-Purushottam meant. However, he was confident that whatever Swamishri was doing must be in accordance with the scriptures.
He wanted to understand this doctrine from Swamishri, and the latter too wished to explain it to him. Dolatrambhai was glad to meet Swamishri after a lapse of about ten years. He asked : "Swamiji, do you wish to come to terms with Vadtal?" "Yes, provided they acknowledge the twenty-first Vachanamrit of Gadhada Middle Section," replied Swamishri.
Dolatrambbai then asked: "What is it in that Vachanamrit that you insist they should admit ?"
Swamishri then explained in great detail the supreme eminence of Bhagwan (the Lord) and Bhakta (His favoured devotee) quoting from the Vachanamritam and giving appropriate illustrations, and propounded that one could be said to have grasped the doctrine of kalyan (salvation) only upon realisation of pratyaksha (visible) Lord and pratyaksha (visible) saint.
Dolatrambhai was enthralled by the effective explanation given by Swamishri. He was now thoroughly convinced about Gunatitanand Swami being the incarnation of eternal Akshar, the worship of Purushottam, together with Akshar and both these swarupas (forms), being pragat (manifest) through Shastri Yagnapurushdas. He spontaneously remarked: "Swamiji, you have accomplished the great task of revealing the nature of true upasana for which Shriji Maharaj Himself might have had to reincarnate here. Your eminence is indeed immeasurable. You have today installed the idols of Maharaj and Swami, but in the future your eminence will so shine out that your disciples will install your golden idol." Those present realised the greatness of Swamishri on hearing these words.
Once Swamishri went to Baroda to have a look at the idols. The local devotees then took him to Kamatibaag after much persuasion, and took his photograph for the first time, much against his will. Swamishri strictly ordered them not to publish the photograph and warned them: "If you publish it, I shall tear it up and throw it away."

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