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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


Fathomless Faith:

After touring the villages of Gujarat, Swamishri returned to Sarangpur. The work of the temple was still going on. Soma Bhagat and Aksharpurush Swami were so strong that they could fling stone blocks as if they were as light as flowers. The workers were lifting atop the main wing of the temple a huge block weighing about hundred and fifty maunds, tied with seven thick ropes. They were all engaged, in chanting the dhun (recitation) of the Swaminarayan mantra. Suddenly six ropes broke one after the other and the huge stone was precariously hanging only on one rope. Everyone was worried, "What would happen if this rope, too, gave way ? " They were afraid that if such a thing happened, it would crash against the chiselled stones below and break them into pieces. Perhaps it might hit and kin someone. All were on tender-hooks.
Somebody ran up to Swamishri and brought him there. Swamishri raised his hand and asked Soma Bhagat to climb the stone hanging above and tie up the ropes again, and said with reassuring confidence: "The block will not fall down, lift it up." If Soma Bhagat, with his heavy physique climbed the block, in most probability he would crash down along with the boulder and that would be the end of Soma Bhagat. All present there, therefore, stood bewildered.
But Soma Bhagat had full faith in the words of 'Swamishri. So he climbed the block without the slightest hesitation. The persons at the other end who were holding the boulder were shaken by the jolt. All the onlookers held their breaths. But Soma Bhagat soon tied up again all the broken ropes to the stone tightly and, having come down, fell at the feet of Swamishri. Swamishri, too, blessed this credulous devotee with all his heart. On seeing this great miracle many people realised the greatness of Swamishri.

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