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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


Saint: The Best Benefactor:

Swamishri with Sayajirao Gaikwad of BarodaFrom Sarangpur Swamishri went round several places and finally arrived in Bochasan. Maharaj Shrimant Sayajirao Gaikwad, ruler of Baroda was then at Bhadran Swamishri sent him an invitation through Jhaverbhai to visit Bochasan. The Maharaja sent this reply: "I do not have more than fifteen minutes to spare. I shall, therefore, come only for fifteen minutes." But Nirgundas Swami confidently said: "Let him say so. But if he spends three quarters of an hour here take it to be due to the power of Swamishri."
The Maharaja was received with due decorum. He was taken to the temple for darshan and then brought to Swamishri. After seeing Swamishri, the Maharaja joyfully expressed: "So this is the Swamiji whose fame has spread today throughout Gujarat!" With these words he bowed to Swamishri. In Swamishri's presence the Maharaja lost all sense of time and spent three-fourths of an hour. Swamishri talked with him on various topics. He dispelled from his heart the sorrow occasioned by the demise of the prince, and advised the Maharaja that as he was already fifty years old, he should abdicate the throne, be a vanaprastha (detached from worldly affairs) and seek refuge at the feet of a true guru.
The advice of Swamishri created a deep impression on the Maharaja. He felt great respect for Swamishri who could admonish fearlessly such a great ruler as himself. There were many who showered praise on him, but no one ever gave him such beneficial sermons. This inspired in him a sense of high regard for Swamishri. With folded hands he took leave of Swamishri, who placed his blessed hand on his head.
While Swamishri was once delivering a discourse in Anand, cries were heard that Motibhai's house was on fire. Kind-hearted Swamishri put out the fire without getting up from his seat. Both of his hands received burns upto the elbows. Motibhai applied oil on both hands. The people, seeing how Swamishri was working for his devotees, bowed their heads before him.

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