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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


Negotiations for Compromise with Vadtal:

Certain disciples of Swamishri had now been elected on the Vadtal Temple Committee. They desired that if a compromise could be arrived at with Vadtal and if Swamishri returned to Vadtal, it would be a great victory for the sampraday. They therefore started their efforts in that direction. Kothari Gordhanbhai had already retired, yet he advised that a compromise should be made subject to the conditions that the Acharya recognised the idols of Dham, Dhami and Mukta which were installed, and performed the arti of those idols, and not otherwise." Swamishri was greatly pleased to see such firm faith established in the Kothari.
While the negotiations for settlement were in progress, the sadhus were agitated. They felt that Shastri Yagnapurushdas was capable of captivating the whole satsang, and hence his return to Vadtal would result in their neglect. Therefore, they skilfully put it to the Acharya: "We shall be very glad if a compromise is arrived at. We would welcome it. If a learned saint like Yagnapurushdas joins Vadtal, the satsang would develop rapidly. But their temples are still incomplete, hence we would be involved in an unnecessary expenditure of nearly two to three lakh rupees. It would therefore be appropriate to arrive at a compromise only after their temples are fully constructed." The Acharya was convinced by this ingenious argument. Negotiations for compromise were suspended. Swamishri, however, said: "Maybe, through us Shriji Maharaj wants to accomplish the spreading of this faith in the satsang. Therefore, whatever has happened is for the good." One wonders if the temples of Akshar-Purushottam at Atladara, Gondal, Gadhada and other places would have been constructed if a compromise was then reached!
Swamishri then went to Sarangpur. A Vaishnav devotee, Sheth Narsinhdas, had also gone there from Mahuva. He wanted to have idols of Laxminarayan installed in Mahuva at the hands of Swamishri, but he did not speak anything as he saw that Swamishri was indisposed. After two or three days, however, Swamishri himself asked him: "Have you come to take me to Mahuva for setting up a temple there? Let us go. Indeed, I have been born for building temples." With these words, Swamishri discarded his illness and went to Mahuva.
After going to several other places and passing through Bochasan, Swamishri arrived in Anand. He wanted to go to Sarangpur and could go only if some body purchased a railway ticket for him. The devotees of Anand had at that time gone out on the occasion of some marriage. Swamishri walked from the town to the station and back four times, in search of someone who could help him. Ultimately, it was only after Gordhanbhai, the son of Keshavlal, met him on the way and purchased a ticket for him that Swamishri could get onto the train and reach Sarangpur.
Whenever Swamishri went to Sarangpur he would invariably cover the distance from Botad on foot. He would carry his bundle of belongings on his head, hang a zoli (cloth bag) on his shoulder, and, if the accompanying sadhu was young, he would carry his burden too. Regardless of cold, heat or rain, he would cover the five-gao1 distance on foot.

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