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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


Alms for Akshar-Purushottam:

At the instance of Kuberbhai, Swamishri went to, Bhavnagar. Here he announced one morning: "We want to go round the city to beg alms." Startled at this, Kuberbhai said . "We are all here at your service. lf you go for begging alms, we would feel ashamed." Swamishri explained: "Your services are unlimited, but we want to go round the city to beg alms just as Maharaj had done, to enable the numerous aspirants to have the benefit of darshan,"
Swamishri used to go round for alms in Sarangpur also, Nirgundas Swami, too, tried to dissuade him by saying : "We are all here at your service. Why should you have to go around begging?" Swamishri's reply was : "For the sake of Akshar-Purushottam, even if we are to be sold to a shwapach (a low-caste person), we would not grudge it. I want to take all those who offer even a grain of corn in alms to Akshardham." Seeing this great objective of Swamishri, nobody could take any objection.
During a discourse at Sarangpur, Bapubhai asked Swamishri: "What should we do to please Maharaj and Swami at present?" Swamishri at once replied : "At present Maharaj would be pleased if temples are built for spreading the true upasana of Akshar and Purushottam and their idols are installed in the central shrines of such temples. There is absolutely no doubt that Maharaj will purify all those who may dig foundations, carry troughs, lift stones or even contribute a single paise in the furtherance of this cause, and will take them to Akshardham."

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