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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


Divine Trance:

Thereafter, Shriji Maharaj demonstrated in the satsang the miracle of trance through Swamishri. The first trance was experienced by Acharya Radharaman prasad when he was having darshan of the idol of Harikrishna Maharaj in the Sarangpur temple. Maharaj gave him, in trance, the handkerchief which the priest had placed in the hand of the idol of Maharaj. And there was also a bright illumination in the sacrificial altar which was witnessed by everyone from a long distance. Shortly, thereafter, three balls of light appeared from which all could have the darshan of Shriji Maharaj, Gunatitanand Swami and Gopalanand Swami Thereafter, these images disappeared
When Swamishri was at Sarangpur, Odhavjibhai of Botad went there for his darshan. He experienced great mental tranquillity by listening to Swamishri's preachings. After sometime he returned to his room. Here too, however, wherever he cast his eyes, be it the temple or the rest room, he noticed saints and devotees assembling in groups of five or six engaged in religious discussions. Nowhere did he hear anyone indulging in worldly talks, or petty talks involving calumny, malice or vices of others. Everyone was engaged in discourses relating to God and the satsang. Thinking about the profound impact Swamishri had on the saints and the devotees, he realised Swamishri's pre-eminence and returned to Botad.
From Sarangpur Swamishri went to Navagam. Gandhiji's Dandi march had also reached there at that time. Gandhiji had also heard about the saintly qualities of Swamishri. Hence, he wished to meet him. He invited Swamishri to meet him. Accordingly, Swamishri met him. With great humility Gandhiji requested Swamishri "Swamiji, if you give us your blessings, our mission may succeed." Swamishri replied: "This Jogi Swami will hereafter count the beads of the rosary so that the country may become independent through your efforts. Your mission will succeed provided you follow the course of religion and righteousness, and God will be with you." Gandhiji was pleased with these blessing. Swamishri returned to his place. At the behest of Swamishri, kind-hearted Yogi Swami daily counted the beads of his rosary, praying for the independence of the country; and by virtue of his devotion, God made the country free.

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