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The Eightieth Birthday Celebration of Guruhari:

All the devotees decided to celebrate the eightieth birth anniversary of Swamishri in Bochasan with great fanfare. This idea was first conceived by Shri Champakbhai Banker and was acclaimed by one and all. It was decided that the satsangis should present one and a quarter lakh rupees to Swamishri on this occasion. Swamishri flatly refused the proposal on the ground that a sadhu can never accept money. Ultimately, he directed that the money should be gifted to Thakorji and should be spent in the service of Thakorji.
All the devout devotees gathered in Bochasan on the Vasant Panchami day of Samvat year 2001. Many great persons from all over Gujarat had also assembled. Shri Chandulal Patel, then Director of Education of Gondal State, other officers, reputed citizens and satsangis had arrived. All of them extolled Swamishri for his infinite virtues. They talked about the eminence of Swamishri. Two lakh devotees availed of this divine occasion.
From Atladra Swamishri arrived at Ahmedabad. A parayan (session of discourses) was arranged there. Swamishri recited from the Bhagvat and gave a wonderful exposition. The satsangis and people from other religious faiths swayed joyfully on listening to him. Shri Vishwanathbhai, the scholarly shastri of the Vaishnav Sampraday said after listening to Swamishri's recital and discourses: "I say from the deep devotional feeling which I have experienced today by listening to Swamishri, that although Shukji knows the essence of the episode of Bhagvat and Shridhar, too, knows it fully well, but whoever has listened to Bhagvat from Swamishri must have realised that even Shridhar himself could not probably expound Bhagvat as efficiently as Swamishri does. It is so because Swamishri is the very manifestation of the Lord. He alone can make us taste the sweet essence of this episode for he is the manifestation of the Lord Himself. By this recital, peace and joy have filled our hearts." The devotees were immensely pleased to hear these words uttered by a Vaishnav devotee.

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