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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


Construction of Fourth Pinnacled Temple:

Swamishri returned to Atladra for the idol-installation ceremony. The third day of the bright half of Ashadh of Samvat year 2001 was fixed for the auspicious ceremony. It had started raining heavily a couple of days prior to that day. Everyone was worried as to how the idols could be installed under such a downpour. Therefore, they approached Swamishri, who smilingly assured them, "This is the work of Maharaj. It will stop raining at the right time. Therefore, do not worry at all.
It stopped raining the next day. Preparations had also been completed. On the morning of the third day, the idols of Shriji Maharaj, Gunatitanand Swami and Gopalanand Swami were ceremoniously installed by the auspicious hands of Swamishri, with all the fanfare and amidst the chanting of mantras from the Vedas. Swamishri declared on this occasion: "This temple at Atladra will be the best of the temples. At present Atladra is far from Baroda, but in future it will be closer to Baroda and become its suburb." These words have come true today.
When Swamishri went to Anand, Shri Bhailalbhai Patel, the prominent and bold public worker of Gujarat, invited him to visit Vidyanagar. Bhailalbhai had prepared a magnificent plan for making Vidyanagar a great centre of learning, and he was sure that if Swamishri blessed the plan and sanctified the place by the touch of his holy feet, the barren land would blossom into a green garden. With this thought Bhailalbhai went to invite Swamishri to Vidyanagar. From his childhood he knew Swamishri and was quite aware of his greatness.
Moved by the feelings of Bhailalbhai, Swamishri went to Vidyanagar. Bhailalbhai explained the plan to Swamishri in detail. Swamishri then toured all over the place, scattered consecrated flowers while walking thereon, and gave his blessings: "Your wish will be fulfilled. A great centre of learning will develop here. Thousands of students will get the benefit of education." Bhailalbhai was very much enthused by Swamishri's blessings.
At the insistence of the devotees of Karachi, Swamishri went to Karachi along with many saints and disciples. A parayan (session of discourses) on Satsangijivan was organised there. Swamishri delivered many discourses. He used to go to the temple everyday for darshan. On the last day of the session, Swamishri uttered this forecast in a big meeting of the devotees: "A disatrous time is going to grip this land. All of you should return to your native place, abandoning here whatever you possess." Within a few months the occurrence of a great political upheaval1 proved the veracity of Swamishri's prophecy.

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