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Initiation Celebration:

Dungar Bhakta was very anxious to receive the Bhagvati diksha (initiation of a parshad into a sadhu in saffron). Vignananand Swami also desired that such a detached devotee should be initiated as soon as possible. On the fourth day of the bright half of Kartik in Samvat year 1939, Adbhutanand Swami attained the divine abode-Akshardham (passed away). On that occasion many saints had gathered in Vadtal. Vignananand Swami also went to Vadtal along with Dungar Bhakta. He requested Acharya Maharaj to give diksha to Dungar Bhakta.
But Acharya Maharaj too desired that Dungar Bhakta, being so saintly and intelligent, should stay in his service; therefore if he initiated him into Bhagvati diksha, he would lose him. He suggested: "He has not yet completed his twelve month period necessary for a parshad to be initiated into Bhagvati diksha. Therefore there is no hurry at the present." Vignananand Swami was hurt to hear this, but he argued : "Last year there was an adhik mas (additional month according to the Hindu calendar); so he has actually completed the required period of twelve months as a parshad." But Acharya Maharaj paid no heed to this.
Swamiji was disappointed. He therefore, approached Gordhanbhai Kothari and requested him to persuade Acharya Maharaj. But the Kothari, too, desired to keep Dungar Bhakta with him. So he too did not take any interest in the matter. Ultimately some senior saints requested Acharya Maharaj : "It is not proper to hurt the feelings of an eminent saint like Vignananand Swami who has served Shriji Maharaj. So kindly give diksha to Dungar Bhakta." Acharya Maharaj at last relented.
It was decided to give diksha on the fifth day of the dark half of Kartik in Samvat year 1939. Realising the significance of the occasion, Acharya Maharaj made preparations for the performance of a yagna (sacrifice) on a large scale. Thus on he fifth day, amidst great fanfare, Acharya Shri Viharilalji Maharaj gave diksha to Dungar Bhakta in the sacrificial panda], and renamed him as 'Yagnapurushdas.' In the evening, Acharya Maharaj asked a learned astrologer to see the horoscopes of all the new sadhus. Looking at the horoscope of Swami Shri Yagnapurushdas, the astrologer remarked : "This sadhu is a manifestation of God in the form of a yogi of the highest order. He will be a great saint." Those present were pleased to hear this.

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