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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


Meeting with Pragji Bhakta:

Sadhuram...the enlightened has innumerable eyesYagnapurushdasji went to Surat from Vadtal and engaged himself in the service of his guru and the temple. In the month of Phagan of the same year, a festival was organised in Surat to mark the installation of the idol of Ghanshyam Maharaj. Hence Acharya Maharaj, saints and the devotees from various places had arrived in Surat. Pragji Bhakta had also come from Mahuva on this occasion. Spiritual discourses by Pragji Bhakta were going on till late night and saints and devotees listened to him with rapt attention. Yagnapurushdas used to go to the seats of all the saints and listen to them. Seeing a large assembly in front of Pragji Bhakta, he also went to his seat for hearing his discourses. He found his discourse to be distinct from other discourses. While giving the discourses, Pragji Bhakta simultaneously carried on his work of stitching. And the listeners, too, listened to him with rapt attention. Nobody moved from his seat. Everyone had joy writ on their faces. Yagnapurushdasji was surprised to see this. He felt Pragji Bhakta to be an extraordinary person, for he was talking and giving discourses while looking at all the people in the gathering and stitching a cloth at the same time. How was he able to do all these activities at the same time?
Pragji Bhakta immediately read Yagnapurushdasji's mind and said : "Sadhuram (good sadhu)! Every creature has two eyes, the learned have three, the religious have seven but the jnani (enlightened) has innumerable eyes. Hence, I can see with my fingers, I can see with my back, in fact I can see everywhere."
Yagnapurushdasji was surprised all the more. He wondered: "How could he come to know my innermost thought? He is indeed a great personality." He was immediately drawn to Pragji Bhakta. After that, the discourses of Pragji Bhakta permeated his heart. He was convinced that Pragji Bhakta was the most favoured disciple of Gunatitanand Swami. Yagnapurushdasji accepted him as his guru.
During the day he was busy rendering services in the festival. But at night he would go to listen to the discourses of Pragji Bhakta. The discourses went on till late at night.
Thereafter when he returned to his place, he would wake up his companion saint Ramratandas and recite before him, in detail, the discourses heard from Pragji Bhakta.
The discourses and talks would continue till day-break, and they would go at 4 a.m. to bathe in the Tapi. Even during the day whenever he found time, he would join Pragji Bhakta's disciples, Vignandas Swami and Prabhudas Kothari, and listen to their talks. Such was his desire to acquire knowledge.

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