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A Spiritual Travelogue of Pramukh Swami Maharaj
  13 to 30 June 2005  
Jetpur (13 June 2005)
Gondal (13 to 20 June 2005)
Rajkot (20 to 27 June 2005)
Dangra (27 June 2005)
Bhadra (27 to 30 June 2005)
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(Jetpur, Gondal)
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(Rajkot, Dangra, Bhadra)
Photo Story
  • 23 June 2005, Rajkot ( Mp3 2002 KB)
    Swamishri blesses the evening assembly
    • 15 June 2005 (V.S. 2061, Jeth sud 8) Wednesday, Gondal; Swaminarayan Vidyamandir Day
      The evening assembly was dedicated to programme presentations by students of the Sanstha’s school, Swaminarayan Vidyamandir. Students presented a parliamentary discussion as to why there should not be a ban on all Swaminarayan Vidyamandir schools because they emphasise more on values than on academics in their curriculum. The staged presentation with questions and answers were very effective. In conclusion Swamishri summed up, saying, “It was Yogiji Maharaj’s wish to have a school and hostel in Gondal so that students could study properly. The school and hostel have also been established with the purpose to impart values. There is a need for both education and values for students. If there is no education then the country cannot progress, but if there are no values taught in education then one cannot develop the nation properly. Education without values destroys. By values we mean faith in God."
    Swamishri blesses the assembly
    • 21 June 2005 (V.S. 2061, Jeth sud 14) Tuesday, Rajkot; Satsang Day
      In the evening assembly, after Viveksagar Swami’s discourse, a drama, “Servants of Satsang” was enacted by youths. The central theme of the drama was how BAPS volunteers, amidst their personal worldly responsibilities, inspire satsang in others despite difficulties and insults. Finally Swamishri blessed the assembly, “We have attained the association of Shriji Maharaj, Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj, which is a great thing. This is not possible even if we take so many births. So we should remain steadfast in one’s resolve to please God no matter how much pain or misery comes our way.”
      In the following days the evening assemblies were celebrated on the theme of Mandir Day and Vicharan Day.
    • 25 June 2005 (V.S. 2061, Jeth vad 4) Saturday, Rajkot
      A teachers’ convention of the ‘Rajkot District Primary Organisation’ was held in the mandir precincts. More than 2,500 primary teachers were present in the convention. At 11.40 am Swamishri blessed the convention, “The primary school teachers here have been blessed with the great service of educating children. It is like nurturing little plants. To give knowledge to children from grades one to seven is of foundational importance. You have to teach them well, inspire them with an inclination to learn and keep them away from addictions. The teachers should teach with the sentiments that the students are your children. Formerly in the ashrams of rishis students were taught self-sufficiency – doing things by themselves. Today we find the bonds of love fading between teachers and students. Science has progressed but it has brought with it many corruptive elements.”
    Solution to Anger
    • 21 June 2005 (V.S. 2061, Jeth sud 14) Tuesday, Rajkot

      A non-devotee came to seek Swamishri’s counsel to alleviate his anger. He described that since the last ten years his nature had become prone to angry outbursts because of his failing business. Once when his wife asked him to purchase some household needs he flared up. Though the matter was very small he pressed his wife’s throat. The man broke down at this point. “I was lucky that my wife survived, because I had pressed her throat to such an extent that she would have died. Later I regretted and repented for what I had done. Whatever that happened was because of the declining state of my business.”

      Swamishri advised him, “No matter what happens do not get angry. If you have problems regarding your business then keep them there, but don’t bring them home. Because of your business problems why should you press your wife’s throat? Where is her fault? When she needs household things then who would she tell? Therefore never ever do this again.”
      The man expressed his frustration further, “But all the failures I have gone through in the past keep haunting me. I cannot concentrate for even an hour. In that hour the past straddles my mind.”

      Swamishri advised, “Try to forget all that. Have faith in God and do bhajan. Say Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan, and you’ll be fine.”

      Swamishri inspired hope with practical solutions and having faith in God.
             Swamishri Deaddicts a Child
    • 27 June 2005 (V.S. 2061, Jeth vad 6) Monday, Bhadra

      Whenever his little grandson cried a local man of Bhadra would place a bidi in his mouth. Subsequently, the little child became addicted. Presently, he is three and a half years old and eats two packets of gutkha (tobacco) daily. When he does not get the gutkha he throws a tantrum. The boy's father and grandfather are addicted to gutkha and bidi.

      Sometimes, the child goes all by himself to the local shop to get a gutkha under his father's name. The innocent, tender child has become habituated to tobacco all because of his father and grandfather's mistake.

      The child's uncle, who is a devotee and lives in Surat, brought him for Swamishri’s darshan. He placed him on the rostrum. Swamishri welcomed him, “Jai Swaminarayan.” But the ignorant little child did not know what to say. He simply looked down and remained quiet. Swamishri asked for a box of prasad, and taking a sweet ball from it, said, “Take this, and don't eat gutkha. Gutkha spoils your body and causes disease. Therefore don't eat it.”

      Swamishri's compassion for the little, tender child was apparent to all. To release him from the shackles of addiction Swamishri blessed him and advised him and his relatives.