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Swamishri's Compassion for a Child Addicted to Gutkha
Bhadra, 26 June 2005

Whenever his little grandson cried a local man of Bhadra would place a bidi in his mouth. Subsequently, the little child became addicted. Presently, he is three and a half years old and eats two packets of gutkha (tobacco) daily. When he does not get the gutkha he throws a tantrum. The boy's father and grandfather are addicted to gutkha and biddi.

Sometimes, the child goes all by himself to the local shop to get a gutkha under his father's name. The innocent, tender child has become habituated to tobacco all because of his father and grandfather's mistake.

The child's uncle, who became a satsangi in Surat, brought him today before Swamishri for darshan. He placed him on the rostrum. Swamishri welcomed him, "Jai Swaminarayan." But the ignorant little child did not know what to say. He simply looked down and remained quiet. Swamishri asked for a box of prasad, and taking a sweet ball from it, said, "Take this, and don't eat gutkha. Gutkha spoils your body and causes disease. Therefore don't eat it."

Swamishri's compassion for the little, tender child was apparent to all. To release him from the shackles of addiction Swamishri blessed him and advised him and his relatives. All those present witnessed the moments which freed probably the youngest addict in the world from his addiction.