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The life of Yogiji Maharaj is a wonderful story of manifold inspirations. It speaks volumes about his extraordinary divinity. His saintliness has left an unfading impression in the hearts of countless children, youths and seniors. Many bathed in his refreshing cascade of pure love and were blessed with the joys of spirituality. The secret of his greatness was his profound love for Lord Swaminarayan and deep attachment to Guru Shastriji Maharaj.
To celebrate his 109th birth anniversary, we present a brief pictorial story on his life and work. For further details, refer to the short biography "Yogiji Maharaj"
1. Birth: Family Background
2. Lost In Meditation
3. A Fearless Speaker Of Truth
4. No Cheating Please
5. Use Of Playtime
6. Serving The Lord
7. Jina's Greatest Wish
8. Jina, The Parshad
9. Jaga Bhakta Blesses Him
10. First Meeting With Shastriji Maharaj
11. Only A Servant
12. Tapasvi Jina Bhagat
13. Krishnaji Ada Blesses Yogiji Maharaj
14. The Desireless Sadhu
15. Indifferent To Insult And Beating
Published on 31 May 2000  

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