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13. Krishnaji Ada Blesses Yogiji Maharaj

On the morning of the thirteenth day of the bright half of Chaitra, Vikram Samvat 1967 (1911) Jina Bhagat was given the Vaishnavi diksha in Vartal and named Sadhu Jnanjivandas. He was popularly called Yogi by the sadhus and devotees of Junagadh. Two months later Yogiji Maharaj and six sadhus left Junagadh to join Shastriji Maharaj in the mission to spread the principle of Akshar and Purushottam. Krishnaji Ada, one of the leading lights of the Sampradaya, was about to pass away in Rajkot. When he called for Jnanji Swami (Yogiji Maharaj) the latter came and prostrated before him. Krishnaji Ada blessed him by placing his hands on his head. At this Nirgundas Swami told Yogiji Maharaj, "It is not Krishnaji Ada who is placing his hands on your head, but Bhagatji Maharaj and Jaga Swami."

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