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8. Jina, the Parshad

And the day arrived when Jina was to leave home to become a sadhu in Junagadh. Puribai fed Jina with kansar (a sweet dish) for the last time and permitted him to become a parshad (first initiation into monastic order). Before he left she applied kumkum on his forehead and sent Kamalsibhai to take him to Junagadh. There, Swami Krishnacharandasji gave him parshad diksha on the full moon day of Kartik Samvat 1965 (1909). Jinabhai became Jina Bhagat.

Seva at Junagadh Mandir

As diligent as ever, Jina Bhagat performed menial services in the mandir. He would get up early in the morning, clean the cow-sheds, draw water for sadhus, attend to his prayers; all this in addition to serving his guru and other sadhus. Then he used to take the cows for grazing to the border of Mt. Girnar. While they were grazing he would sing bhajans and memorise verses from Swamini Vatu. And on returning he would cut 300 babul sticks which were used as tooth brushes by the sadhus. In the evening he would attend the religious discourses and sing bhajans.

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