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9. Jaga Bhakta Blesses

Krishnaji Ada and Pujaji Bapu were frequent visitors to Junagadh mandir. Krishnaji Ada often spoke about the greatness of the late Jaga Bhakta. Jina Bhagat thought, "How fortunate I would be if I could have his darshan." That night Jaga Bhakta appeared to him in a dream. Jina Bhagat prostrated before him and prayed, "Please say a few words of wisdom that will be of benefit to me on this spiritual path."
Jaga Bhakta advised him, "Firstly, you should read scriptures like Vachanamrutam, Swamini Vatu, Shikshapatri, Bhaktachintamani, Harililamruta, etc. And secondly, keep the company of a good sadhu.

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