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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Swami's Devotees

In the Sorath region there were innumerable devotees groomed by Swami who lived according to the wishes of Shriji Maharaj.
Due to the scarcity of rains, the year’s harvest was poor. The devotees of Sorath had great affection for Swami and so Karsan Bambhaniya of Hamapar village was worried. He collected all the ornaments from his house in a box, came to Junagadh and placed the box at the feet of Swami, saying, “Swami, this year the monsoon is weak and as a result of this the sadhus will not be able to travel in the regions. Moreover, as the harvest is poor, devotees will be unable to offer alms. So, accept this box of ornaments and make the necessary arrangements to feed the sadhus.”
Seeing his devotion and spirit Swami was delighted, but he advised him, “By the grace of Maharaj the mandir is not facing any problem, so you keep the box and use it.”
This reply of Swami brought tears to the eyes of Karsan Bambhaniya, since he felt that Swami has not accepted his services. So he again beseeched Swami to accept it. Sensing his affection Swami kept the box as a deposit. The following year, as there was plenty of rain, Swami called Karsan Bambhaniya and persuaded him to take back his box. In this way, Swami looked after his devotees. And the devotees were also prepared to dedicate whatever they had to Swami.
When the murti-pratishtha at Junagadh had taken place, Maharaj had ordered all devotees to go to Junagadh for one month every year. Nishkulanand Swami noted this in the Bhaktachintamani:
Vali santne ãpi ãgnã re, rahevu nahi ahin ãvyã vinã re,
Varso varas ek mãs re, karvo ã mandir mã nivãs re.
“The sadhus are instructed that they should not miss a chance to come here. Every year they should stay in this mandir for one month.”
According to the orders of Maharaj, Gopalanand Swami spent one month in Junagadh every year during chaturmas. Whenever he came, Swami used to hand over all the administrative affairs to him and used to deliver discourses. Many sadhus and devotees came to listen to the discourses of Swami. These included: Hariharyanand Swami, Upendranand Swami, Tadrupanand Swami, Siddhanand Swami, Krishnacharandas Swami, Nirgundas Swami, Mukundcharandas Swami, Dharma-prasaddas Swami, Vrajvallabhdas Swami, Vrindavandas Swami, Bapu Ratan Swami, Kashidas of Bochasan, Bhanjibhai of Paliyad, Nathu Patel of Kariyani, Devrajbhai and Jivraj Seth of Daduka, Umedbhai Hargovind of Surat, Pitambar Fulchand of Amdavad, Vaghjibhai, Kashiram and Jagubhai of Vaso, Jeebhai Shelat and Karsanjibhai of Umreth, Bhudharbhai of Kapadvanj and others. The list of devotees who came from Sorath included: Mayaram Bhatt, Bechar Bhatt of Vanthali (Vaniyani), Kalyanbhai of Vanthali, Mulchandbhai and Manekchand Sheth of Mangrol, Meghabhai – the son of Parvatbhai, Govindram Bhatt, Lalabhai and Arjanbhai of Upleta, Arjan Babariyo, Bhojabhai of Bhayavadar, Ganeshji Sheth and Kalyanji Sheth of Una, Vallabhji Sheth, Jetha Sheth and others.

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