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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

First Encounter With Shriji Maharaj

Mulji was now 15-years-old. At that time the supreme God, who was born in the Sarvar region, had completed his pilgrimage of India, and known as Nilkanth Varni, had arrived at the village of Loj. He met Muktanand Swami there. After some time he met Ramanand Swami at Piplana. Ramanand Swami decided to give bhagvati diksha to Nilkanth Varni on 28 October 1800 (Kartik sud 11, Samvat 1857). He invited all his devotees on the occasion of this diksha ceremony. Along with other devotees Lalji Bhakta from Shekhpat and Mulji Bhakta from Bhadra also arrived in Piplana. It was here that Bhakta and Bhagwan – the two eternal divine forms of Brahma and Parabrahma – met for the first time in this world.
Mulji Bhakta was overwhelmed with emotion when he saw Nilkanth Varni face-to-face for the first time! Varni also showed his affection and embraced his dear devotee. Thereafter, he addressed all the devotees and said. “This Mulji Bhakta is in constant union with me and, in future, he will spread my glory.” On hearing this, Ramanand Swami said with delight, “Varni! You are right. Mulji is very great!” Nilkanth Varni then said, “He is my abode – the manifest form of Aksharbrahma.” In this way God himself, in the form of Varni, described in public, for the first time, the glory of Mulji Bhakta as the incarnation of Aksharbrahma.
Everyone in the village had begun to realize the greatness of Mulji Bhakta. Once, when Mulji was sitting at the shop of Vashram Suthar in the village square, a sannyasi came and demanded alms, “I am hungry, so please give me something to eat, otherwise I’ll die and go to the abode of Vaikunth.” On hearing this Mulji said, “Sannyasiji, if you wish to go to Vaikunth, just stretch your leg and I’ll throw you and send you there.” “O Brother, is the divine abode so near?” the sannyasi asked. Mulji replied, “Sannyasiji, the abode is standing before you in a human form, and the Lord of the abode is travelling to bless all at present, but how can people like you recognize him?”
Vashram Suthar then intervened and said, “Sannyasiji, what Mulji says is true. So don’t stretch your leg, otherwise, if he throws you from here, he will send you straight to the abode of Vaikunth.” Indeed! How can an insignificant soul go to Akshardham, which is beyond the eight barriers? But Mulji was the incarnation of Brahma and therefore he could say so. When the sannyasi realized the power and glory of Mulji he was frightened and promptly departed.
Similarly, once in Bhadra, Nathu, the barber, was busy shaving Mulji Bhakta. Nathu was a devotee of Shri Ram, and he commented, “How great was Shri Ramachandra! He carried the entire town of Ayodhya to Vaikunth.” On hearing this Mulji Bhakta said, “Nathu, if you wish, I’ll take the entire village of Bhadra to Akshardham!”
On hearing this Nathu the barber laughed. Then a cool and serene light emanated from Mulji’s body and spread everywhere. Everyone present was dazzled. Nathu stood up. He saw that Mulji Bhakta was smiling in the midst of the light. Soon the light was absorbed in Mulji’s body. Nathu was astonished and stared at Mulji Bhakta. Then, Kanji, who was present there, stated, “Nathu, everyone says that Mulji is the incarnation of Akshar.” But poor Nathu, what would he understand about Akshar! However he could see that Mulji was a great devotee.

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