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Glory of Mulji bhakta as Described by Maharaj in Bhadra

During his vicharan, Shriji Maharaj (Shri Hari) arrived at Alaiya in 1804 CE (Samvat 1860). At that time devotees from Bhadra were present there. They all requested Shriji Maharaj to visit Bhadra. So, Maharaj came to Bhadra for the first time.
Shri Hari would daily go to the river Und for a bath in the company of Vashrambhai, Dosabhai, Rajobhai, Ramobhai, Ratnabhai, Muljibhai, Sundarji and others. On the bank of the river there is a giant banyan tree. Shri Hari used to dive from the tree into the river. He played water sports with the devotees and then made them sit on the riverbank to meditate.
Once, Shriji Maharaj spread a thick square piece of cotton cloth on the water surface and sat on it together with Mulji Bhakta, Lalji Suthar and other devotees. Maharaj steered the cloth like a boat with his yogicpower. Such were his divine lila before the devotees of Bhadra!
     Once, in the evening, Vashram Suthar reached his fields earlier than usual. He saw hundreds of thousands of ants coming out from a big ant-hill and thought, “How can these jivas associate with the supreme God and his divine abode who are present here in person at this moment?” With this thought he looked up at the sky. And he saw hundreds of thousands of vimans coming from Vaikunth. The ants assumed chaturbhuj forms and transcended to the divine abode.
Vashrambhai was amazed. On reaching home he described to Shriji Maharaj as to what had happened. Shri Hari told him, “We want to liberate tens of millions of jivas. My divine abode, Akshardham, has incarnated in your village as Mulji Bhakta. So I will fulfil all your wishes. Today, you resolved like this for the ants, but had you done so for the whole universe, the whole universe would have attained liberation.”
Everyone was amazed at Maharaj’s words. Shriji Maharaj stayed for six days here and then departed.
Shriji Maharaj came again to Bhadra in 1808 CE (Samvat 1864).
This time each and every devotee of Bhadra insisted that Maharaj should dine at his place. So Maharaj dined at the house of a different devotee everyday. Maharaj always kept Mulji Bhakta with him and granted him divine bliss.
Once, Maharaj was on his way to the home of Deva Kanbi for dinner. Mulji’s house was on the way. Maharaj arrived there with a group of devotees. At that time Mulji was eating cooked juvar and yoghurt. Maharaj enquired about his well-being and proceeded further. On the way, Maharaj described the glory of Mulji Bhakta and said, “This Mulji, who lives in a small hut at present and eats juvar, will one day live in big havelisand become the governor of thousands of devotees. He will become a great renunciant. His glory will spread overseas. His murti will be installed in mandirs along with mine and millions of devotees will worship him.”
In this way, with Maharaj describing the glory of Mulji Bhakta, all of them arrived at Deva Kanbi’s house. The thoughts of Maharaj were preoccupied with Mulji and so he asked, “Have we arrived at Mulji’s place?”
Everybody then replied, “No Maharaj, this is the house of Deva Kanbi and we are to dine here today.” Hearing these words, Maharaj smiled.
After some time the day of Sharad Punam (Aso sud 15) arrived. It was the birthday of Mulji Bhakta or Akshar – the abode of Shriji Maharaj. Maharaj announced it, and for the first time celebrated the birthday of Akshar at Bhadra in his own presence by distributing the mahaprasad of dudh-pauva. In this way, Maharaj explained the glory of Mulji Bhakta to all on many occasions.
One day Maharaj was to dine at Mulji Bhakta’s house. Along with Vashrambhai, Dosabhai, Ratnabhai and other devotees Shriji Maharajarrived very early at Mulji Bhakta’s place. Mulji had gone to the farm for some work and Sakarba was busy cooking. Sakarba prepared a seat for Maharaj. Maharaj sat on it and asked Sakarba, “Mother, does your Mulji ever remember me?”
“Maharaj! He remembers you all day. He does not forget you for a moment, even when he is busy working or moving around. I feel that Mulji does not love anybody more than you in this world.”
“I also constantly remember Mulji,” said Maharaj with a smile, while looking at Sakarba.
Then Sakarba began talking about Mulji, “During his childhood he used to tell us about your divine incidents, such as, your sacred thread ceremony, your travels in the forests, your arrival in Loj, etc. And he told me, ‘Maharaj will certainly come here one day and eat food prepared by you.’ ”
On hearing this Maharaj smiled and said, “Mother! you will not be able to understand, but your son Mulji is my divine abode, Akshardham. Even while he was in your womb, and before that also, he used to see me constantly. He is bound to me and I am bound to him. Mulji is so great that he upholds the infinite universes within each of which are Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and the ten incarnations. He is above Prakruti-Purush, is the form of sachchidanand, is omnipresent and is the cause and support of everything. I perform everything through him. He is such a dedicated devotee that I cannot live without him even for a moment. It is through his spiritual association that all the jivas, ishwars and avatarsobtain final moksha by becoming pure chaitanya brahma. This Mulji is the cause of all, and is pure chaitanya Brahma.”
Sakarba felt Maharaj’s words to be like a rain of amrut! Tears ran down her cheeks. She told Maharaj, “O Maharaj, how can I, an ignorant jiva, come to know that my Mulji is so great! Out of attachment, I consider Mulji to be my son and have scolded him and made him work. Now when will I be relieved of all these sins?”
Shriji Maharaj told her, “Mother, you have already achieved moksha due to your association with your great son, then where is the question of sin? Your Mulji has countless redemptive virtues and is Gunatit – above all gunas.
On hearing the divine words of Maharaj, Sakarba was extremely delighted. She had not realized the greatness of her son. She had not even understood much of what Maharaj had said to her. But she now firmly understood that Mulji is great and divine. Engrossed in the delight of her extremely great attainment, Sakarba sat listening intently to the talks of Shriji Maharaj. Shriji Maharaj did not tire in explaining to the devotees the glory of Mulji Bhakta.
Then Maharaj told the devotees, “O devotees! You will realize my true glory only when you’ve realized the glory of Mulji Bhakta.”
Vashram Bhatt enquired, “O Maharaj, will your glory be understood only if the glory of Akshar is understood?”
Shriji Maharaj smiled and said, “Yes, when you understand the true glory of Akshar, and become aksharrup only then will you be able to understand my glory. This Mulji is Aksharbrahma incarnate. The Upanishads and other scriptures describe him as my abode and form. That Aksharbrahma is beyond everything and I am beyond Akshar. Aksharbrahma liberates one from the ocean of life.”
Like the river Ganga flowing continuously, words continued to flow from Shriji Maharaj’s mouth. Dosabhai, Ratnabhai, Vashrambhai and other devotees were spellbound listening to the glory of Mulji Bhakta from Shriji Maharaj himself.
Maharaj continued, “The glory of Aksharbrahma is so great, yet if someone denies the existence of Aksharbrahma or does not know his glory then he will become non-existent, that is his soul will become like an inanimate object. Therefore, all aspirantsmust understand the glory of Akshar. Mulji Bhakta is the incarnation of that Aksharbrahma. I am Purushottam Narayan residing within that Aksharbrahma. If you all understand at least this much then you will all attain ekantik dharma, for the establishment of which I have incarnated.”
Shriji Maharaj’s divine words penetrated deep into the hearts of the devotees. Everyone was delighted. A divine serenity pervaded everywhere. All were gratified to learn the real identity of Mulji Bhakta as the gateway to moksha.
Meanwhile, Mulji Bhaktaarrived there. Till now everyone had only witnessed his divine incidents; today they had an opportunity to know his real identity from Shriji Maharaj himself.
Maharaj then proceeded for dinner. Maharaj insisted that Mulji Bhaktashould also dine with him. Thereafter, Maharajleft and went to his lodgings.
In this way, during his stay at Bhadra, Maharaj granted divine happiness to everyone and explained the true glory of Mulji Bhakta. After some time, Sakarba passed away to Akshardham.

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