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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

Worldly Thorns

Swami had a unique way of imparting knowledge in the routine events of life.
Once Swami went to the mandir orchard. Meanwhile, Vaghjibhai from Vaso, Jetha Khachar from Sarangpur, Abhaysinh Darbar of Lodhika and other devotees came for Swami’s darshan. They started prostrating before Swami. At this juncture, somebody commented, “Stop or the thorns will prick you.”
On hearing this, Swami said, “If these thorns prick, they can be removed with a needle or any other sharp instrument; but the thorns in the bazaar are very bad! If they prick, there is no way to remove them.”
One of the devotees inquired, “How can there be thorns in the bazaar?”
Swami replied to this enquiry with a smile, “You cannot understand what these bazaar thorns are like! There are thorns of beauty that prick the eyes, of music that prick the ears, of the touch of a sinful person that prick the skin, of the smell of a sinful person that assaults the nostrils, of taste that pierce the tongue, of dilemmas in the mind, of trifle desires in the consciousness and many other types of thorns. It is difficult to remove them and they keep on hurting and disturbing. And if the thorns are very poisonous then they can kill a person. So beware of such thorns. And for this purpose Swaminarayan has given a new remedy and brought the niyams and this Sadhu from Akshardham. Otherwise how could there be such pious behaviour?
 Surpur, Narpur, Nãgpur e tinme sukh nãhi,
Kã sukh Harike charanme, kã santanke mãhi.
“There is no happiness in Surpur, Narpur and Nagpur. There is happiness either at the feet of God or at the feet of a God-realized Sadhu.”
“Therefore, obey the niyams and constantly keep the company of those who are really devoted, only then will the worldly thorns not prick you and you’ll come out unscathed.”
These talks touched deep down in the hearts of the people. Swami then went to the mandir as it was time for the evening arti.

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