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Gunatitanand Swami
Gunatitanand Swami

From Pauper to Prince

One winter evening, Swami went for a bath along with sadhus and devotees at the Narayan Dharo, which had been sanctified by Shriji Maharaj. After his bath, Swami narrated the glory of this pond. Soon, it was past sunset and the atmosphere turned chilly. Swami expressed a desire to light a fire. At a little distance from that place, a Muslim woodcutter and his mother were sitting with a bundle of sticks.
One of the devotees went over to them and asked, “There is an old sadhu with us, who is shivering with cold. Will you give us some sticks?” The young woodcutter looked at his mother quizzically.
“Son, it seems he is a true fakir. Give him the whole bundle. He will bless us. Here, take these two sticks from my bundle, too, so that I may also be blessed.” The young woodcutter gave away the bundle of sticks.
Swami was pleased to know about the goodwill of the old lady and said, “Now she will not have to cut wood any longer.”
After sitting by the fire for some time, Swami and the others returned to the mandir.
The woodcutter, Bauddin, and his mother went home after selling the sticks in town. That very night Bauddin went out along with his sister to the market for some work. It was at that time that a procession with the Nawab was advancing along the streets. The Nawab saw Bauddin’s sister. Impressed by her youth and beauty, he desired to marry her. He called both of them to his court and expressed his desire. The next day, after obtaining consent from their mother, Bauddin’s sister married the Nawab.
With the passage of time, Bauddin rose to the post of personal assistant of the Nawab and eventually became the Diwan of the State. But Bauddin always remembered that his progress was due to the blessings of Swami, and so paid regular visits to the mandir. He used to sponsor meals and thereby render service to the sadhus. In this way, graced by the mere glance of Swami, Bauddin became a prince from a pauper!

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