July 13, 2009
USA & Canada

By the divine grace and inspiration of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, during the summer of 2009, six regions across North America held a total of 8 three-day Regional Summer Camps, themed “Hinduism: Discover and Live.” With over 2,000 balaks and balikas in attendance, the event familiarized the balaks and balikas with their Hindu roots and culture and inspired them to assume a more active and inquisitive role in their Hindu lifestyle and faith.

Over the course of three days, the attendees experienced a myriad of educational and spiritual activities, including interactive learning sessions, competitions, and highly entertaining and informational evening programs. Learning activities, or workshops, revolved around four central topics of Hinduism—karma, punarjanma, rites and rituals, and dharma. The evening programs explored the rich and extraordinary history of India and Hindu culture.

Attendees also were given the opportunity to exhibit their considerable Satsang knowledge and talents through various competitions like mukhpath (memorizing) competition, talent competition, and sports competition. Spanning two days, the competitions showcased months of preparation and practice by the balaks and balikas. They were rewarded for their efforts with medals and trophies for the top winners.

This year’s summer shibir served as an important stepping-stone for balaks and balikas to develop a basic understanding and respect for their Hindu roots and traditions, and helped equip them with the appropriate tools to employ Hindu values in their own lives