July 17, 2009
USA & Canada

In an effort to rekindle and revitalize Hindu values in youths living in North America, Pujya Santos and the Yuvaks and Yuvatis of BAPS North America, under the guidance and inspiration of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, prepared and implemented a 2½ day seminar centered on the theme “Hinduism: Discover and Live.”

Under the banner of “The 2009 Regional Yuva Retreat,” the goal of the seminar was to educate our youths on the basic aspects and importance of Hindu Sanatan Dharma. In addition, each retreat also stressed family and social unity through inspiring on-site evening programs and “retreat-style” activities that took place away from the seminar premises. In total, there were 6 regional retreats across North America at Parsippany, NJ, Chino Hills, CA, Tampa, FL, Austin, TX, Midland, ON and Chicago, IL.

In addition, during the seminar, Pujya Santo of BAPS North America presented topics on the importance of Hindu Sanatan Dharma, its history, its philosophy, traditions, and the application of Hindu concepts in today’s society. The subject matter above and the activities of each Regional Yuva Retreat have increased pride amongst Yuvaks/Yuvatis, further evidence that Yuvaks/Yuvatis of North America are genuinely interested in learning to live a pure and morally rich lifestyle.