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Shastriji Maharaj


The Origin of Brahmvidya:

Once while the twelfth Vachanamrit of Loya chapter was being read in the assembly by Pragji Bhakta, he explained how one has to identify oneself with Akshar and be in communion with Purushottam Bhagwan. He further explained that Gunatitanand Swami was personified Akshar and all have to be like him. Only if one comes into close contact with a saint who is Brahmavetta (fully enlighteded), can one become Akshar-roop (one with Akshar) and attain communion with Lord Purushottam. Yagnapurushdasji thoroughly grasped this doctrine.
One evening after this incident, the devotees of Surat posed a question to Vignananand Swami : 'Swamiji! How can one attain the supreme nirvikalpa Nishchay (highest faith) in the Lord ? "Vignananand Swami gave an answer. Yagnapurushdasji, not satisfied with the answer said that the reply to that question was to be found in the twelfth Vachanamrit of Loya. He then explained the doctrine in the manner earlier explained by Pragji Bhakta.
On hearing this, Vignananand Swami, was extremely pleased with this young Sadhu and said : "Pragji Bhakta knows all the tenets of the Vachanamrit and the principles of Shriji Maharaj. By the grace of Gunatitanand Swami, he has attained Brahmasthiti (Brahmic consciousness). Since you have developed affection for him, you should make the most of it, and continue to be in contact with him." Yagnapurushdasji was very happy to hear this.
Many devotees attached to Pragji Bhakta had arrived in Surat. Having heard them say that Shriji Maharaj was the Lord Supreme, Yagnapurushdasji approached Vignananand Swami and asked him: 'Shriji Maharaj himself has written in the Vachanamrit that he is an incarnation of Nar-Narayan, but these sadhus assert that Shriji Maharaj is the Lord Supreme. What is the truth ?"
Vignananand Swami replied : "I have myself heard Shriji Maharaj say in Gadhada that He is Himself the Supreme Godhead. So you, too, should discern Shriji Maharaj as the Supreme Lord." Thus Yagnapurushdasji understood the two basic things that Shriji Maharaj is the Supreme Lord and Gunatitanand Swami is Mool akshar.
Yagnapurushdasji liked to be in touch with Bhagatji Maharaj. Therefore, whenever he found time, he would approach Pragji Bhakta. This caused envy among some of the sadhus. They thought : "If the disciple of a great nand sadhu (one of the five hundred sadhus made by Shriji Maharaj with nand suffixed to their names) like Vignananand Swami roams after a householder devotee like Pragji Bhakta, what would be the importance of the sadhus? Who will respect them?" So they approached Acharya Maharaj and requested him : "Maharaj either Bhagatji (Pragji Bhakta) stays here or we stay here." In order to avoid difficulty, Acharya Maharaj instructed Bhagatji to quit the place after a few days.
Vignananand Swami now asked Yagnapurushdasji to give discourses on Dharmamrit, Harigeeta and Vasudev Mahatmya. He also began to teach him the Bhagvat but soon thereafter he fell ill. Within a few days his condition became worse. Yagnapurushdasji served him day and night. At last on the night of the eleventh day of the dark half of Jeth, everyone saw that Shriji Maharaj had arrived in a golden chariot with an assemblage of saints to carry Swamiji to Akshardham.
Yagnapurushdasji informed Swami : "Maharaj has arrived here since 4 a.m. and desires to take you with Him." Swamiji fondly looked at Yagnapurushdasji steadfastly for nearly half an hour, and then left his mortal body on the morning of the tweIfth day. Yagnapurushdasji and all the other disciples were deeply grieved at the passing away of Swamiji. On the Prabodhini Ekadashi Yagnapurushdasji went to Vadtal and presented to the temple all consecrated articles received from his guru. This pleased Acharya Maharaj

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