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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


The Dearest of the Dear:

At this time Pragji Bhakta had also arrived in Vadtal. Yagnapurushdasji thus got the benefit of his samagam (association). Acharya Maharaj too availed of his association by keeping him there for one month after the festival. Many fond sadhus also listened to Bhagatji's discourses. But, for fear that other sadhus might cause trouble, Bhagatji Maharaj many a time asked them all to quit the assembly. However, he would never ask Yagnapurushdasji to go away. Thereupon one Narayancharandas asked Bhagatji : "You ask all of us to go away, but why don't you ask Yagnapurushdasji to do so?"
Bhagatji Maharaj replied: "Oh, he is the apple of my eyes. He will continue to stay. You should not imitate him." From this everyone could see the love of Bhagati Maharaj for Yagnapurushdasji.
Vignananand Swami had in his possession an impression of the charnarvind (lotus-feet) of Shriji Maharaj. Yagnapurushdasji had received it from him as his chief disciple. But, at the behest of Bhagatji Maharaj, Yagnapurushdasji gave away this good pair of foot-prints to Ramratandasji as he wanted it. Bhagatji Maharaj was greatly pleased with this, for who else would part with such an invaluable possession?
When Acharya Maharaj came to know of this he told Bhagatji Maharaj : "You are not conversant with the usages of satsang (fellowship). The pair of foot-prints must remain with the chief disciple who is in charge of the group of saints under him. Then only will the sadhus stay under him." Hearing this, Bhagatji Maharaj replied : "Don't you worry, I shall give him Shriji Maharaj, the maker of the footprints Himself so that many sadhus will love to stay under him."
Seeing Yagnapurushdasji's subtle intellect and ability to expound the true principles, Acharya Maharaj felt that this sadhu will promote the development of the sampraday (fellowship), if he was better educated. Thereupon he expressed his desire to Bhagatji Maharaj who fully agreeing with him said, "You teach him shastravidya (scriptures), and I shall teach him Brahmavidya." It was decided accordingly and hence, Yagnapurushdasji started the study of Siddhant Kaumudi (Sanskrit grammar).
However, as a result of his association with Vignandas Swami (a foremost disciple of Pragji Bhakta), Yagnapurushdasji was more and more drawn towards Bhagatji Maharaj. Consequently, his mind was distracted from studies. Bhagatji began to appear before him in dreams every night by the dint of meditation and worship. During this time, Vignandas Swami was at Sojitra. Therefore, Yagnapurushdasji went to Sojitra every night and listened to his discourses the whole night. This group of sadhus, attached to Bhagatji Maharaj, kept themselves engrossed in ceaseless meditation, worship, discourses and service. They never accepted delicious meals, this created a favourable impression for this group in the region. All noticed their pre-eminence.

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