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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


Bond of Love Between the Guru and the Disciple:

For the festival of Ramnavami, Jaga Bhakta arrived in Vadtal from Junagadh. Yagnapurushdasji came into contact with him, and pleased him with his services. From Vadtal Bhagatji Maharaj went to the villages of Gujarat. Some haribhaktas were going for the darshan of Bhagatji Maharaj. Yagnapurushdasji sent with them a garland of buds of jasmine flowers and a gourd, both consecrated by Shriji Maharaj, to be offered to Bhagatji Maharaj as gifts. Dajibhai gave these gifts to Bhagatji Maharaj at Chansad. Bhagatji Maharaj was greatly pleased at this and exclaimed : "Oh, blessed be your soul, Yagnapurushdas! Blessed be your soul! You have taken so much pain for this Pragji Bhagati!" Thus Bhagatji expressed his love for Yagnapurushdas.
Bhagatji Maharaj arrived at Vadtal from Chansad. Here Yagnapurushdas and the other disciples of Bhagatji Maharaj discussed the pre-eminence of Bhagatji Maharaj and prompted one and all to commune with him. But many sadhus in Vadtal did not like this. They, therefore, complained to Bhagatji : "Your sadhus seem to be very ostentatious. They talk day in and day out only about your greatness, assert that the key to Akshardham (divine abode) is in your exclusive custody and that you alone are the gateway to moksha (emancipation). They extol your name on every house-top and every nook and corner of Vadtal. This is intolerable." Hearing this Bhagatji replied : "I shall speak to them."
When they specifically complained against Yagnapurushdasji, Bhagatji explained : "He is still young. But I shall certainly reprimand the others." The next day Bhagatji Maharaj left for Nadiad. Yagnapurushdas and Bhaktijivandas also accompanied him and listened to the talks going on in the group. Then Bhagatji said : "You two are held guilty of singing the glory of Pragji Bhakta. Therefore, both of you should go back to Vadtal, apologise in the general meeting and appease the sadhus." On hearing this, both the sadhus went back to Vadtal, apologised by prostrating at the feet of all in the general meeting and reached Nadiad the same evening.
The next day Bhagatji asked Vignandas and the other saints of the group to go to Vadtal and apologise before the sadhus there in a like manner. Thereupon one of the sadhus asked : "Will Yagnapurushdasji also accompany us ?" Bhagatji replied : "He has paid penalty already. Why should he go again? "For Yagnapurushdasji had gone to Nadiad only after duly tendering his apologies. Thus Bhagatji used to stand by him in support.
With the increase in popularity of Bhagatji Maharaj and his disciples, opposition towards them also grew. These sadhus talked about the attributes of a true saint and a fake one, whereby all pseudo sadhus were exposed. Day by day the feelings of the sadhus at Vadtal towards the saintly group of Bhagatji Maharaj grew venomous, and they began to harass them in various ways. One of them pierced a large needle into the body of Yagnapurushdasji while he was having darshan in the temple at Vadtal, and another kicked him. But Yagnapurushdasji suffered all this patiently. He did not complain about it to anyone and continued his work as usual. Seeing his forbearance, many haribhaktas admired him all the more, which, in turn, aroused more spite among his opponents.

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