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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


Bhagatji: The Greatest Ekantik Saint:

Having attended the congregation in Vadtal Yagnapurushdas, Vignandas and the other saints of the group reached Mahuva via Gadhada. Purani Raghuvircharandas of the temple of Mahuva accommodated Yagnapurushdas and Purani Keshavprasaddas in the temple. With a view to eliciting the extent of their knowledge and understanding he asked them: "What do you think of Pragji Bhakta."
Yagnapurushdasji replied: "We understand that he is param ekantik (God-intoxicated saint)."
Purani Raghuvircharandas was satisfied with the reply. The same question came up in the assembly of the temple the following day. Yagnapurushdasji and Mahapurushdas Swami thought that this was a unique opportunity for elucidating to all the eminence of Pragji Bhakta. So they said that in their appraisal Pragji Bhakta was an ekantik Satpurush (a most sublime saint). He was an ekantik Satpurush as described in the Vachanamritam. Then they explained on the authority of the twenty-seventh Vachanamritam of Gadhada, First Chapter that an ekantik Bhakta should have the necessary attributes of dharma (righteousness), Jnan (knowledge), Vairagya (detachment) and Bhakti (devotion) etc., and that Shriji Maharaj never detaches Himself from such a saint even for a moment.
Having heard their divine speech supported by the authority of the Vachanamritam, everyone in the assembly was convinced of the exalted saintliness of Pragji Bhakta. They came to realise the glory of Bhagatji Maharaj who was born in their very own village. They also understood the doctrine that Shriji Maharaj cannot keep away from such a saint even by a hair's breadth.
The devotees of Mahuva were satisfied that the saints of Pragji Bhakta were unequalled in their knowledge and in their love for him.
From this incident everybody got an idea of the param ekantik state of Bhagatji Maharaj. Bhagatji Maharaj was very pleased with Yagnapurushdasji for his proficiency in explaining the tenets in accordance with the scriptures, and placed his loving hands on his head. Thereafter the saints went to Vadtal.

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