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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


The Divine Scorpion:

Rangacharya and his studentsYagnapurushdasji went to Thasra from Vadtal. Here his spiritual discourses had a great impact upon the devotees. From there he went to Dabhoi. Here he removed, by his discourses, the dislike which Purani Morlidhardas had for Bhagatji and brought home to him the glory of Bhagatji Maharaj. When Bhagatji heard about this he remarked, "Yagnapurushdas is a divine scorpion. Wherever he goes he will sting the mumukshus (aspirants for redemption) and will introduce to them Pratyaksha Bhagwan (Lord manifest) and Pratyaksha saint (perceptible saint)."
The devotees at Dabhoi were pleased with the discourses of Yagnapurushdas. Even Purani Morlidhardas, after listening to his discourses exclaimed "Oh, how benign of you, Yagnapurushdas! You have instilled peace in our hearts by your discourses. Never before in all my long life have I heard such a spiritual discourse. You far surpass all of us. You have dissolved all our faults of obstinacy, pride and envy." So saying, this aged sadhu started performing, dandvat prostration before Yagnapurushdasji's feet in the public assembly, but Yagnapurushdasji dissuaded him from doing so.
On returning to Vadtal, Yagnapurushdasji resumed his studies, but as no competent shastri (teacher) could be found there, he went to Baroda. He began the study of Siddhant kaumudi under a learned teacher named Rangacharya. Seeing Yagnapurushdasji's intelligence, memory and ardent studiousness, Rangacharya began to hold him in high esteem. Frequently, Yagnapurushdasji described to him the spiritual eminence of Bhagatji Maharaj and often reiterated that Bhagatji Maharaj had all the attributes of Brahman. As a result of this. Rangacharya longed to have the darshan of Bhagatji Maharaj.

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