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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


The Heart-Cleansing Broom:

During the Jalajhilani congregation in Gadhada, Bhagatji Maharaj instructed Yagnapurushdasji that if Acharya Maharij asked him to continue his studies further, he should go to Rajkot, but not so far as Kashi. Then looking at all the devotees he remarked: "This Yagnapurushdas is a broom for cleansing your hearts. Do you wish to lose him? What will you do if he goes away for study to a distant land?"
There were two objects behind Bhagatji's advice to him for pursuing further studies at Rajkot : first, he could learn Sanskrit without going to a distant place and second, Junagadh being nearby, he could often come into contact with Jaga Bhakta who was graced by Gunatitanand Swami. Yagnapurushdasji also yearned to come in contact with Jaga Bhakta.
Thereafter Acharya Maharaj asked Yagnapurushdasji to go to Rajkot for further studies. He also gave him a note addressed to the authorities of the Rajkot temple to provide him with all the necessary facilities. Accordingly, Yagnapurushdasji went to Rajkot and began further studies. Jeevanram Shastri, son of Mahidhar Shastri, used to teach him at the temple. He was a very learned pundit and, not withstanding his scholarship, he was simple and humble. On seeing Yagnapurushdasji's sharp intellect and scholarship, Jeevanram bowed down and looked upon him with reverence.
Here Yagnapurushdasji assisted satsangi students in their studies and also talked to them about the upasana (doctrine of worship) of Swami (Gunatitanand Swami) and Narayan (Lord Shriji Maharaj). With affectionate advice, he would send them to Junagadh on the full-moon day and on ekadashi day for the samagam (association) of Jaga Bhakta. Yagnapurushdasji often went to Junagadh as well. Some of the sadhus were alarmed at these activities of Yagnapurushdasji. They tried to mislead the credulous haribhaktas by saying : "This shastri compels your sons to observe complete fasts, sends them to Junagadh and very often detains them at the temple until late hours. Therefore unless you control your sons, he will spoil them and make them sadhus." The innocent haribhaktas were thus incited. They decided to rebuke Yagnapurushdasji.
When the haribhaktas went to the temple meeting and complained against Yagnapurushdasji about this, sadguru (revered saint) Balmukund Swami asked them: "Do your sons get spoiled or do they improve if they render services in the temple, sleep there, listen to the discourses and observe complete fasts? How can you indulge in such a senseless complaint?" None could utter a word more after hearing the comments of such a prominent saint. Yagnapurushdasji sat there quietly with a rosary in his hand.

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