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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


The Gate to Akshardham:

Swamishri held the celebration of Annakut (offering a variety of food dishes at the feet of the Lord) in Samvat year 2004 in Sarangpur. Swamishri fell ill from time to time, but soon recovered. During his illness many devotees got an opportunity to serve him. Even when his ailment was serious, he recovered in no time. In this way many devotees witnessed his superhuman powers by which be demonstrated that he was independent and could contract sickness, as also abandon it voluntarily.
The magnificent gate of the temple at Sarangpur was now ready. There were some people who questioned the wisdom of putting up such a huge entrance when the temple itself was completed with great difficulty. Having known their inner thoughts, Swamishri said, "One may not perhaps enter this temple, but if one has the darshan of its gates even from a distance, Shriji Maharaj and Swamishri would personally come to deliver him from the bondage of life-cycles." On hearing this everyone realised the eminence of Swamishri.
Thereafter Swamishri was laid down with serious heart trouble in Ahmedabad. All were worried. Shastri Narayanswarupdasji burst into tears. Swamishri consoled and pacified them all. Thereafter, he went to Rajpur to attend a parayan (session of discourses). Because of his old age and the erstwhile heart-attack whenever Swamishri talked at length or performed some strenuous activity, all the devotees requested him not to exert himself, but to take due rest.
However, Swamishri would reply: "Constant contemplation of the image of Maharaj is rest for me, but when I come into contact with devotees like you, Maharaj intuitively urges me to talk and so I cannot help talking." Thus Swamishri constantly devoted his time in giving discourses.

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