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Shastriji Maharaj


85th Birh-Anniversary:

85th Birth Anniversary of Shastriji Maharaj, Atladara V.S. 2005Swamishri Shastriji Maharaj spread the true knowledge among the disciples all his life, undergoing hardships, not caring for his physical comforts, touring day and night. He inculcated the right understanding in them, and having led them to the religious path, gave them immense peace and happiness. No sacrifice for such a benefactor is too great. Thus inspired by their heart-felt affection for him, the devotees decided to celebrate the eighty-fifth birth anniversary of Swamishri magnificently at Atladra. They aspired to weigh Swamishri against gold on that occasion. When they told Swamishri about it, he flatly refused to accept such honour. But he finally yielded to the profound love of the entire satsang for him.
Men and women in the whole of satsang exceeded their means in offering their wealth and gold ornaments as gifts for this celebration. On the eve of the anniversary day, Swamishri, seated on a gaily decorated elephant was taken in a procession through the city. Yogi Swami and Nirgundas Swami sat with him. The idols of Thakorji were placed in a big, decorated motor car. The people gathered there had the good fortune of witnessing such a divine sight. Years ago Bhagatji Maharaj had said: "This sadhu deserves to be carried in an elephant's howdah." These words proved true today. The next day sacrificial rites were performed, and a big congregation for celebrating the birth anniversary was held. Leading devotees from this country and abroad spoke on the occasion extolling Swamishri's superb virtues.
When the time for tulavidhi (weighing ceremony) arrived, Swamishri said: "A sadhu cannot be weighed against gold," All the devotees were embarassed. They entreated him repeatedly, but Swamishri adamantly refused the request. Finally when it was decided to weigh him against sugar-candy, Swamishri agreed and sat in a scale of the balance. Thus Swamishri demonstrated the proper conduct of a sadhu. Thousands of devotees participated in this celebration. The eighty-fifth birth anniversary of Swamishri thus happened to be written in golden letters in the history of the satsang.

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