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Shastriji Maharaj
Shastriji Maharaj


Foundation Laid for the Majestic Temple in Durgapur:

Swamishri was now disposing of all the remaining assignments expeditiously. Shriji Maharaj had desired to build a temple on a hillock In Gadhada. This land jointly belonged to Dada Khacher and Jeeva Khacher. Dada Khachar was willing to part with his interest in the land, but Jeeva Khachar refused to do so. This work could not, therefore, be taken up. Shriji Maharaj then said: "A big temple shall be built here in the future and my idol along with that of My choicest devotee shall be installed therein."
In order to fulfil this desire of Shriji Maharaj, Swamishri made serious attempts to get this particular land on the hillock. But the opponents exerted their influence through the Bhavnagar State authorities with a view that Swamishri should not be able to acquire that land. And the State, too, decided that the sale of that land to Shastri Yagnapurushdasji should be prohibited.
When Swamishri learnt about this he declared, "Since this is the wish of Shriji Maharaj, He will certainly get the land for us even by using His anythakartum (to perform the impossible; supernatural) powers and for this purpose, He will bring about a change of power in the State." And indeed India became independent. The Princely States merged with the Indian union. Bhavnagar State lost its identity, and Govindsinh Chudasana, a favourite of Swamishri, was appointed as the District Collector of Bhavnagar. Through his efforts this land in Gadhada was acquired without any difficulty.
The eleventh day of the dark half of Kartik of Samvat year 2006 was fixed for laying the foundation stone of the temple. This ceremony was performed at the hands of His Highness Krishna Kumar Sinhji, the former Maharaja of Bhavnagar, who was then the Governor of Madras. On this occasion, he said: "Swamishri is the most eminent saint in the whole of India. The temple at Gadhada will become the best and the greatest of all temples in the country."
It was only Swamishri and none else, who in fulfilment of the wishes of Shriji Maharaj, had the power to build a beautiful temple entirely made of marble, at an expenditure of thousands of rupees on the hillock on the banks of the river Ghela.

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